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Legends of the Great Swamp

Sep 7, 2019

This tour encompasses the legends and lore of this incredible natural area.  This swamp has always been a source of intrigue since the first European settlers arrived in the mid-1800s. Legends abound about man-eating plants, quick sand and a mysterious green light that has driven even the most dedicated outdoorsman, running for his life.

This tour features lots of legends and lore, as well as tours of local historic buildings, wine tasting, a walk along the floating boardwalk system, a full course meal and more!

Book early to avoid missing out! Tickets $80 per person or $150 for two. All tours are listed on, or call ahead to the Muncipality of Brockton at 519-881-2223 ext 131 or to Saugeen Conservation at 519-366-3040 Ext. 229.&

2:00 pm
Walkerton & Area, Explore The Bruce
Muncipality of Brockton
Greenock Swamp Complex
Chepstow, Ontario
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Muncipality of Brockton