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Fishing is Second-to-None in Walkerton

Municipality of Brockton
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A Destination known for Excellent Fishing
A Destination known for Excellent Fishing

The Walkerton area is making a name for itself as one of the greatest fishing destinations in the world!

Home to both the Saugeen and Teeswater Rivers, Brockton offers first-class fly fishing, and anglers will find the feeder streams and spring-fed lakes offer an abundance of brown trout, bass, and pike.

Most game species can be caught in the Saugeen River, which features a variety of trails, boat launches and access points.

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Brook Trout
The season runs: 4th Saturday in April until September 30

Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout and Salmon
The season runs: 4th Saturday in April until December 31
There is an extended season for brown trout, rainbow trout and salmon in Walkerton between Truax Dam and the westerly edge of the concrete abutments downstream of Denny's Dam, north of Southampton. Ministry of Natural Resources estimates 50,000 rainbow trout return to spawn.

The season runs: 2nd Saturday in May until December 31

There is a good population of pike under the east bridge in Walkerton.

Saugeen Musky
The season runs: June 1 until December 15

The Saugeen Musky is unique to the river, being a hybrid of Kawartha & Huron breeds, a result of re-population efforts.