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Try Something Legendary This Summer!
Try Something Legendary This Summer!

Looking for something out of the ordinary?  Experience Southern Ontario’s largest forested wetland, the Greenock Swamp, through two lively and engaging tours.

The swamp tours encompass the legends and lore of this incredible natural area, a source of intrigue since the first European settlers arrived in the mid-1800s. Stories abound of man-eating plants, quicksand and mysterious green light that has driven even the most dedicated outdoorsman running for his life.

The first tour highlights the legends, lore and mysteries surrounding the men who lumbered in the swamp in the late 1800s. The second tour focuses on the days of making swamp whiskey during prohibition and some amazing stories, including how the bootleggers eluded authorities.

Legends of the Great Swamp
Legends of the Great Swamp

The tours run on Saturdays from 2-7 p.m. and include transportation, a guided exploration of the swamp and historic sites, wine and beer tasting, theatrical re-enactments, a traditional Bruce County dinner, great stories and lots of laughs!  Some walking is also involved. 

“Legends of the Great Swamp’ takes in the stories that surround the logging days of the late 1800s and lumber baron Henry Cargill, the town’s namesake and later a Member of Parliament.  Learn about the logging camps, the hardships, and the lore.  Stay on your toes – unexpected visits may occur at any time!

“Bootlegging Lore of the Great Swamp” highlights the prohibition days of Bruce County and the men who laboured in the bowels of this 20,000-acre swamp, making moonshine in the dead of the night.  Hear about their amazing stories, the hardships, the lure of fast money and the penalties that came with getting caught.  The tour includes a visit to the Walkerton Jail, where you can retrace the footsteps of some infamous inmates and escape artists. 

Tour Dates:
Tour Dates:
  • Bootlegging Lore of the Great Swamp: May 4th and August 31st
  • Legends of the Great Swamp: July 13th, August 17th and September 7th.

Book early to avoid missing out! Tickets $80 per person or $150 for two. Book online through, or call the Municipality of Brockton at 519-881-2223 ext 131.

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Groups and tour buses can be accommodated.